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Parents will provide transportation for their children.

The school will be open from 7:30am to 5:30pm throughout the year. Parents may choose six or eight hour day for either a two, three, four or five days per week program. (Earlier drop-off can be arranged.)

We are a totally nut free school. This includes all nuts and tree nuts.
Programs over four hours include two snacks.
Lunch is supplied by the parents. (Milk and filtered water are offered at snack.)

In addition to our Montessori curriculum, the children also take: gym, rmusic classes, spanish, sign language class, science class, culture and cuisine class as well as dance and movement classes. Your childs' participation depends on the days in which they are enrolled. Please check calendar section for days of the specials.

In addition, the children will participate in educational programs related to the monthly curriculum presented by the Long Island Center for Arts and Sciences. Please check our Calendar section for a list of these programs and the dates.

Our door is locked for the safety of our children. You will be given the code to get into the building upon enrollment of your child. If you send an alternate to pick up your child please have them ring theJKL bell. Please do not give anyone the code.