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Dear Parents,
May is a busy month at school. We are finishing up our curriculum for the school year. The children are getting ready for Muffins for Mom,
Donuts for Dad, and Graduation. It is fun, but hectic. At this time we would like to thank the graduate for their community service as they
made bunny masks for the toddlers.

The summer program and our September Preschool program have very limited openings. Please see me if you are interested in either program.

School will be closed Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day and re-open on Tuesday, May 28th. We hope you enjoy your three-day weekend.

The staff and I wish all the Moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!



Special Events
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Muffins for Moms
On May 10th we will be having Muffins for Mom. The children are inviting their Mom’s to have breakfast with them. If Mom’s cannot attend,
grandmothers or an aunt can be invited. It will start at 9am and usually last about 1 ½ hours. All the children will be singing and signing some
songs. Please sign up outside your child’s class so we know who will be attending. We will also be having Donuts for Dad on June 21st.
More info to follow.

Long Island Arts and Sciences

On Tuesday, May 14th the Long Island Arts and Sciences will return to give a presentation on bugs.
The children will be learning about the anatomy of a bug and building their own unique bug.

Gradutation Ceremonies
On June 14th we will be having our Graduation ceremony for the children who will be leaving for kindergarten.
The ceremony will be at 3pm with special snack to follow. Invitations will be sent shortly.
Field Day
On Friday, June 28th we will be having our Field Day. At Field Day we will celebrate the end of school and acknowledge
all of our students who will be returning and moving up at JKL in September. We will have a special lunch after Field Day.
More info to follow, but please save the date.

Upcoming Events
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May 10th            Muffins for Mom

May 14th             LI Arts and Sciences Build a Bug

May 27th             Memorial Day School Closed

June 12th           School Prom

June 14th            Graduation Ceremony 3pm

June 21st            Donuts for Dad

June 28th            Filed Day 9:30am Last Day of school

July 8th               Summer Session Begins

August 23rd        Last Day of summer session

September 4th    First Day of School Year 2019-20

 Special Notices
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Security- When entering the building please do not allow anyone to enter with you unless you know them as
a fellow parent. Please tell them to ring the bell. I thank you for your cooperation.

Sick Policy- A child cannot attend school if they have a fever. Anything over 100 is a fever. Your child must
be fever free for 24 hours before coming back to school. March was an awful month for
illness at the school
and sick children create sick teachers. This turns into a vicious cycle and the illness is prolonged through the
school. Please keep your child home if they are sick.

Pizza Fridays- We will be continuing pizza Fridays. If your child attends on Friday, you can pay $15 per month
and pizza will be supplied. Just add $15 to your tuition

Epi Pens- If your child has an allergy that requires and Epi Pen please be sure you have all the necessary
paperwork completed. See Joanne.

Sunblock- We do have a sunscreen shade on part of the playground, but your child will also need sunscreen.
Please apply sunscreen to your child before they come to school. It is considered a
topical medication, therefore
we need a written permission slip and the sunscreen you want us to put on your child.

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May Birthdays

7th - Alexa F., 4yrs
th - Austin, 3yrs
9th - Miss Kim
12th - Jonathan, 4yrs
18th - Miss Kristin
18th - Julian, 3yrs
Please see your child's teacher and let us know when you would like to celebrate your child's birthday.

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School Snacks and Lunch
We will be continuing pizza Fridays. If your child attends school on Fridays you can pay $15 per month 
and pizza will be supplied. Just add $15 to your tuition.

This is a peanut and nut free school including all tree nuts. Please do not send your child in with any nut
products. There is a sunflower seed spread that tastes like peanut butter that is available. If you are
using a peanut butter substitute, please tell your child's teacher so that we know it is not peanut butter.
Also we do not allow whole carrots or hot dogs for lunch.The carrots can be shredded or cooked and sent
in. If you have to send in hot dogs they have to be halved length wise and cut into very small pieces.
Grapes and cherry tomatoes must alsobe cut. Please note filtered water, and 1% milk is offered at snack
and lunch. Snack consists of crackers, fruit, vegetables, cheese, pretzels, goldfish, and selected cookies.
Lunch is supplied by parents. Please have your child's lunch in a lunch box clearly marked with their name.
If their lunch must be kept cold, please place an ice pack in the lunch box. No food can be heated.
Parents have used a thermos for mac and cheese, soup and chicken nuggets. If needed, your child will be
given assistance setting up their lunch. The toddlers will have their lunch set up for them and will be given
assistance with eating. Please note all lunch boxes will go on top of the work bin shelf in your child's classroom.
Due to fire marshal restrictions nothing can be left in the hallway. *** Please note if your child has any food allergies,
you need to supply all their food including snack.

The following school specials will begin on the dates below:
Sign Language- Monday- Miss. Kim 9/17
Dance/Movement- Tuesday- Miss. Laura 9/18
Music- Wednesday- Miss Donna 9/12
Science- Thursday- Miss Kim 9/13
Culture & Cuisine - Thursday- Miss Kim 9/13
Gym- Tuesday and Friday- Mr. Barry 9/14
Spanish - Friday
Clothing Bins
Please make sure your child has clothes in their clothes bin. Your child's name should be on each piece 
of clothing. Clothes bins are located in your child's classroom. Also please be sure your child’s jacket is
labeled with their name. Please use coat bags.
*** Just a reminder when we do go out on the playground
the children must wear sneakers. You might want to keep an old pair in their bin.
Toddler and Preschoolers Who Nap
Please bring in a crib sheet and small light weight blanket to put on the cot. It must be marked with your 
child's name. The teachers will send it home to be washed weekly.
Children’s Work Bins
Each child has a bin in her/his classroom. Please check this bin on a daily basis. It will contain your child’s 
work for the day and any correspondence from the teacher or the director.
For children who are not potty
trained in Mrs. Fazio’s or Miss Kim and Miss Cathy’s class, please place two or three diapers or training pants
in your child’s work bin with a small container of wipes.
School Days and Hours
Just a reminder that you must adhere to the schedule you enrolled your child for. We must keep a specific 
"child to teacher" ratio so this schedule is very important.
Also there are no make-up days if your child is out ill
and if you bring your child in late you must still pick them up at their normal dismissal time. There will be an
overtime charge for late pick-ups.
Please note tuition is based on the number of days your child attends in a school year. It is then broken down
into ten equal payments.
Please note: We do NOT allow children to bring toys to school. Please adhere to this policy.
Box Tops for Education
Our school participates in this program. You will see the Box Tops on many products you purchase. Please 
have your child help cut them out and bring them to school. Our school receives 10 cents for each box top and
we use the money towards activities we have during the school year. We thank you in advance for your help.


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